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Memory you purchase with your Apple iMac 2020 model is 2-7 times more expensive than what can find in computer peripherals stores.

As an example, average price for 2x16gb DDR4 memory modules I found online was ~110€.
At the same time, if you decide to upgrade an iMac 27 inch to a 32GB RAM while ordering on the Apple website (Portugal), that's +690€ to the cost. Holy crap!

It takes 5 minutes to install memory modules and I see no reason to overpay that much.

Purchase #

Order your iMac with minimum available RAM (8gb).

Order a pair of DDR4 2666MHz SO-DIMM modules.
E.g. I went with 2x16gb, so that I have 2x4 (pre-installed) + 2x16 = 40gb in my machine.

The brand that worked for me was CRUCIAL.

Install memory modules #

You can find memory slots in the back of your iMac, behind a small rectangle cover.

Unplug and place your iMac screen down on a soft surface (towel) on a table.

Push the rectangle button located above the power slot firmly with a (closed) pen or something.

Pull levers to open memory slots. If you configured your Mac with 8gb at purchase time, it will have 2x4gb memory modules.

Default installation will be in slots 1 and 3.
You can install the extension modules in slots 2 and 4, but I've read online it may degrade memory performance (frequency will be lower than 2666MHz).

I went with this configuration:

  • Original modules in slots 1 and 2
  • Extension modules in slots 3 and 4

Insert memory modules till they snap.

Push levers back into their original position.

Close the plastic memory slot cover. You will need to apply some force.

Start your iMac and make sure you see all the modules, working at 2666(2667) MHz in  -> About this Mac -> Memory.

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