Publish Azure Functions code with Terraform

Single tool to manage both infrastructure and code pushes.

How to change/upgrade Node.js version in Azure Functions

Upgrade Node.js version in Linux and Windows function apps; in Premium and Consumption hosting plans.

Restrict Azure Functions to API Management with Terraform

Prevent access to a Function App from unauthorized sources and restrict it to an API Management instance.


Ignore Azure Functions application settings drift in Terraform

How to fix configuration drift in Terraform caused by Zip Deploy + Run from Package

Serverless GraphQL with Azure Functions and PostgreSQL

Starter kit + guide for a Serverless GraphQL API backed by PostgreSQL and external APIs with migrations, infrastructure-as-code, CI and tests.

SSL certificate for Azure API Management with Cloudflare

Want to add a custom domain to your APIM instance? Using Cloudflare? Generate a free SSL certificate in minutes.

Azure API Management visually explained

Visual overview of Azure API Management service: what it is, how it works and how it can be useful to you.

Deploy Azure Functions with Terraform

A practical, step by step guide on how to deploy an Azure Function with Terraform.

Unit testing Azure Functions with Jest and TypeScript

Minimal setup to get you started with unit-testing HTTP-triggered Azure Functions.